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10 questions on how thought leadership builds brands

Managing Director Sophie Lambin recently took part in a roundtable* for Brandingmag. They quickly got into the nuances of thought leadership that only experienced practioners would know. “Ultimately,” Sophie stressed, “thought leadership is only as good as the action it instigates, and organisations should move away from content for the sake of clicks, and produce content that has an impact.”

Check out the roundtable here, where they cover off 10 key questions:

  • How do you define thought leadership today?
  • What qualifies an overall organization as being an industry thought leader?
  • How important is it for top executives to be perceived individually as thought leaders?
  • Who should “own” thought leadership within an organization?
  • Does the importance and pursuit of thought leadership differ in B2B and B2C environments, and, if so, how?
  • Thought leadership is commonly thought of in terms of external impact — but what role can or should it play internally?
  • How can you best align a thought leadership program with overall business strategy, and the brand and marketing strategies that presumably support it?
  • What do find to be the benefits to a brand, short or long-term, of an effective thought leadership program, and how do you measure its impact?
  • What thought leadership programs do you consider to be especially effective right now, and why?
  • What advice do you have for brands, and brand leaders, that are not yet fully engaged in thought leadership?


Special thanks to moderator Chuck Kent, Chief Conversation Officer for Lead the Conversation, and to the other participants, Greg Renand of Zurich Insurance Group and Nicole France of Cisco.

* Careful readers might note the accompanying photo is not from a roundtable. Indeed, this roundtable was conducted virtually. The photo is of Sophie at the lectern for the Veolia Institute / Oxford Martin School conference on resource availability in a low carbon world, held in November 2017.

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