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At Davos, We Mean Business

This is going to be a big year for global talks on global issues, with big events to look forward to, such as the September UN meeting to finalize the Sustainable Development Goals (successor to the Millennium Development Goals) and the Paris climate talks in December.

For us, the year of global talks on global issues started at Davos. We’re a little late reporting on it, but you should know that we sent a team to the mountain to help We Mean Business cover climate and energy stories in real time. And stories there were. Where before, only a handful of leaders did more than blow hot air about the climate, it seems the worm has turned: there is a real sense that the companies present see the wisdom of investing in a climate change response. We were able to tell those kinds of stories each day; for example, here’s our wrap-up for the busy final day at Davos.

At Davos, we interviewed a number of climate leaders, from Cristiana Figueres and Nicholas Stern. But We Mean Business is all about business. So we made sure to reach out to CEOs such as Paul Polman and Pankaj Agarwal as well. The full set of short interviews can be found here, but for some flavor, Richard Branson captured the sentiment at Davos.

[Edit: the videos were taken down, so we’ve removed the links and the embedded video without editing the text. Trust us: they were great.]

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