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Climate and energy talks at the Women’s Forum Mauritius 2016

Mao Zedong may have come up short when he proclaimed, “Women hold up half the sky.” For when it came to the climate negotiations last year, women held up more than their fair share of the bargaining.

Managing Director Sophie Lambin explored that gender gap when she moderated a few sessions on climate and energy at the Women’s Forum Mauritius 2016 this week. In her interview with French Ambassador Laurence Tubiana, who is widely credited with the success of the UN’s COP21 Paris climate meeting, Tubiana shared her view that a close network of women, such as UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, Sustainable Energy for All CEO Rachel Kyte, and climate change Special Envoy Mary Robinson, helped build trust and facilitate the negotiation process, calling it “a little bit of magic.”

That’s just a small piece of what was discussed at the event, of course. Check out more of Sophie’s reflections here.

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