The publishing industry is dead, love live publishers

We often say, “We don’t want to turn you into a publisher – unless that’s your business.” It turns out that more companies are thinking of themselves as publishers, or as they call themselves now, “content marketers.” Content marketing didn’t really exist as a practice five years ago, but it’s a big business now. And that business is essentially publishing. I’m at Content Marketing World in Cleveland right now and there’s a burgeoning ecosystem of businesses here selling publishing tools and services to non-publishing companies. There’s even a session today called “What brands can learn from the newsroom” (which, incidentally, …
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The power of unfamiliarity

What do a houseboat and a rock-climbing gym have in common? Reaching audiences isn’t only about tailoring a message; you also have to deliver it where it will be most receptive. This week I had the opportunities to take part in two great meetings, both of which were primed for the right conversations by setting them in different places: a houseboat and a rock-climbing gym. On Wednesday, we attended a Sustainability Day offsite for a client’s cross-functional task force—in a houseboat arranged as a corporate meeting space. We got to experience how fundamentally the client was trying to change how …
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The Davos experience 2014

You might see the occasional “Davos is in decline” article (just as you see every year), but the truth is the event is still pre-eminent. You rarely get opportunities like this to meet with so many influencers from so many different walks of life and from so many countries—all to discuss global issues that matter to your business. That’s why we’re supporting three clients at Davos this year, helping with the launch of a groundbreaking report on corporate culture and performance, arranging meetings around a climate change event, and advising on communications for an NGO’s entire delegation. Don’t just take …
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The visual premium – at the Fresh Conference 2013

We were on stage at the Fresh conference in Copenhagen last month, talking to meeting professionals about the ‘visual premium’ – the value of visual communication. We were on a lively panel talking about visual facilitation, infographics, thought leadership, interactive graphics and other media – all in the context of making meetings more effective. Fresh brings together a great group of event professionals to think creatively – and they’re really pushing the envelope – about conference formats. Photo: © Fresh Conference organised by the Meeting Support Institute. All Rights Reserved.

Kite Global Advisors at the Women’s Forum 2012

We had the honour of being a media partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society global meeting in October and we used the time well – capturing the key themes and the overall atmosphere in this handy infographic. If a picture is worth a thousand words then we’ve written a novella – and we think it’s well worth the read. Check it out for some of the most prominent and interesting speakers (including two Nobel Peace Prize winners!), and the key facts that made the event and its themes so poignant. See the infographic in action below. …
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Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society media partnership

Kite Global Advisors is proud to announce our media partnership with the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society for their 8th annual Global Meeting, 10-12 October. The event will bring together over 1,000 of the world’s most innovative and talented women thinkers and doers in business, the media, civil society and academe to Deauville, France to discuss a range of topics around the theme ‘Wanted: 360° growth’. Look for our infographic daily’s, which we’re putting together with the Women’s Forum programme team. Actually, you won’t have to look far. We’ll post them right here on our blog.