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Inspiration from the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference

Judging by the headlines, this year has been a roller-coaster ride on the climate change front. On the one hand, the Paris agreement that emerged from last year’s historic UN climate talks came into force much earlier than many had expected. On the other hand, populist votes in the US and Western Europe have made it abundantly clear that their governments need to spend more policy attention on their native workers. This dampened expectation for government follow-through in key countries, notably the United States.

Scan below the fold, however, and you’ll find more-positive stories, stories about companies continuing the momentum from Paris. Instead of waiting for regulation, Managing Director Sophie Lambin points out, businesses are making deliberate design decisions to nudge consumers towards carbon-informed decisions. how Intermarche and Ikea are putting that ethos in action. Indeed, the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference she attended was a rich source of similar stories. “Taken together,” she writes, “all these actions by business can have a real impact.”

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