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Our Research

From time to time, we create our own thought leadership. We like to apply novel research on important issues for our clients, often partnering with key organisations for added impact.

Partnership for Good

Our latest research adds a new wrinkle on an old challenge: How corporations can get the most bang for their buck when partnering with social enterprises. Leading corporations recognise that dealing with social and environmental issues comes with the territory when running a global operation. But partnerships with social enterprise can be challenging. This report points towards alignment of the head, heart and hands as the secret to getting the most from partnerships.


The State of Global Thought Leadership 2015 report

Our global survey of more than 180 senior communications professionals shows that companies are more committed than ever to thought leadership. It has become a business necessity rather than a mere luxury, and we have pinpointed how top communicators are achieving maximum impact. Check out “Standing out in the Marketplace of Ideas: The State of Global Thought Leadership 2015.”