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Partnership for good

How corporates and social enterprises can align for social and environmental impact


Our latest research adds a new wrinkle on an old challenge: How corporations can get the most bang for their buck when partnering with social enterprises.

Leading corporations recognise that dealing with social and environmental issues comes with the territory when running a global operation. But global challenges can’t be solved by working in isolation. Effective and long-lasting solutions require partnerships – drawing on the unique strengths of different organisations. By bringing their complementary strengths and values to a partnership, corporates and social enterprises can achieve far more impact together than they ever could separately – whether creating jobs for underserved populations, encouraging more efficient use of natural resources or improving access to food and water for marginalised communities.

Latest research on partnerships between corporations and social enterprise.

But these partnerships can be challenging, and getting the most from partnership requires a deep holistic alignment between partners. As part of KiK Lab with Kois Invest, and working with Sattva, we spoke to experts and practitioners from across the range of social impact partnerships.

The result was the Partnership For Good report. Existing research pointed us towards best practices that worked for some, but not for all. So we conducted dozens of interviews with additional experts and practitioners from across the field of social enterprise engagement. What emerged was not a clear and linear to-do list but rather a new framework for understanding the attributes of a partnership to help achieve alignment between and within corporates and social enterprises.