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The State of Global Thought Leadership 2015 report

Standing Out in the Marketplace of Ideas

The State of the Global Thought Leadership 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of “Standing out in the Marketplace of Ideas: The State of Global Thought Leadership 2015.” Our global survey of more than 180 senior communications professionals shows that companies are more committed than ever to thought leadership. It has become a business necessity rather than a mere luxury, and we have pinpointed how top communicators are achieving maximum impact.

Consider these key recommendations:

  • Thought leadership is now a core communications capability: three in five believe it’s growing in importance. Companies that nurture that capability will gain an advantage.
  • Great thought leadership tackles issues of long-term importance to audiences. People increasingly expect top companies to think big thoughts about knotty problems not only in business but also in society and the environment.
  • Thought leadership needs to work harder to unlock the genius of subject matter experts in organisations.
  • Effective thought leadership shouldn’t end with a white paper. Rather, it should begin a sustained dialogue with customers, partners, civil society, governments and other audiences.


We’ve also made a handy infographic to summarise the findings.

This report is a joint research project of Kite Global Advisors and Taylor Bennett along with its sister companies, Heyman Associates and Taylor Bennett Heyman.