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The Silver Lining to 2016

This year was a pretty tough one. There were the surprising election results in the US and UK, which left me disappointed, to say the least. And memorials were weightier and more numerous in 2016; here’s an analysis from way back in May. For me, many of those lost were heroes (not mere celebrities), including Muhammed Ali, David Bowie, John Glenn, Gordie Howe and Harper Lee. In April, my mentor in thought leadership, Joel Kurtzman, passed away. It was a savage year for me.

Luckily, Content Director Deepali Srivastava pulled me out of the doldrums with her most recent Forbes column. Her radar latched on to a more positive undercurrent in 2016 – the rise of ethics and morality. “Influential people have started espousing the moral philosophy of doing the right thing and are building bridges between spirituality and rationality,” she writes. Indeed, Fortune magazine held its Global Forum at the Vatican, of all places. I encourage you to have a look, reflect on the year we’re leaving behind, and take her column’s title to heart as we head into 2017: “Let’s Make 2017 the Year of Ethics and Morality.”

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