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Who we are


Kite Global Advisors’ directors have developed thought leadership strategies and rolled them out across global organisations, designed rigorous research programmes, written articles in influential business publications, launched journals, and worked hand-in-hand with the organisers of the world’s most influential global forums.

But our work isn’t about us…it’s about you, our clients.

Our philosophy

We believe thought leadership is a means to an end. So we won’t turn you into a publisher or a broadcaster (unless that’s your business!). Rather, we’ll help you use thought leadership as a tool for real engagement, to pursue real business objectives.

We also won’t put words in your mouth. Thought leadership needs to be authentic; it needs to come from your own intellectual capital, to reflect your own sensibilities and to work towards your own organisation’s goals. We’ll help draw out the best insights from your team and make sure they are distinctive.