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Who we help

All companies tackle complex issues – from public trust in business to water scarcity, from the empowerment of women to data privacy – as part of their daily lives. Some companies take the lead in developing solutions; others focus on gaining a deep understanding of the implications for their business. In so doing, they amass an enormous collective intelligence that is unique to each of their organisations. We help companies express that collective intelligence to create thought leadership that speaks to key audiences. It becomes a tool to build reputations, create the relationships that lead to business development, and shape the collaborations that lead to beneficial outcomes.

Global firms tackling global issues 

Global firms (and what firm isn’t ‘global’ these days) must deal with thorny issues that are beyond the ability of any one company to address. Thought leadership enables companies to grapple with the risks and opportunities of those issues, and to build trust with influential audiences – from consumers to communities to employees – by demonstrating a thoughtful approach to doing business. Sampling of services

  • Develop a strategic approach to identifying issues to have voice on
  • Define an ‘issue footprint’ that identifies a global issue’s white spaces – topics of most value for your key audiences.
  • Conduct novel research that will reveal new insights about global issues.
  • Interview key staff members and external experts, and synthesize findings.
  • Write reports in a style that will resonate with key audiences.
  • Develop briefings to help employees use thought leadership for business development.
  • Work with companies on their event programmes, from the biggest confabs such as Davos to private breakfasts with key influencers.

Startups with unique perspectives 

Startups don’t just offer disruptive technologies and business models; they often have disruptive ideas. We help surface this new thinking and position it among the world’s leading ideas. Sampling of services

  • Connect new ideas within a ‘state of the debate’ about a related issues – briefings on what’s already been written and why.
  • Position leaders on online and offline forums that enable them to express their perspectives amongst other thought leaders.
  • Build relationships with like-minded organisations in different fields.

Research organisations and NGOs  

Non-governmental organisations have unique challenges in developing thought leadership. Well-developed research programmes are a great base from which to engage businesses, government and the public at the same time. Sampling of services

  • Translate research into actionable insights that speak to a mainstream business audience
  • Broker partnerships with other thought leaders for deeper exchanges
  • Design messaging, visualisations, interactive experiences, videos or interviews that will resonate with specific audiences.