Our Projects

Networks of international forums for leading ideas

North America

Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (New York)
Milken Institute Global Conference

Latin America

World Economic Forum regional summits

Africa/Middle East

Arab Strategy Forum
Dubai Strategy Forum
World Economic Forum regional summits


Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (Davos)
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
Women's Forum for the Economy & Society
World Economic Forum regional summits


Annual Meeting of the New Champions ('Summer Davos')
India Economic Summit
World Economic Forum regional summits
World Islamic Economic Forum

Kite Global Advisors’ co-founders have supported global events on five continents. We have over three decades of combined experience putting thought leadership programmes to work. Some examples are below.

Issue footprints 

Companies in technology, finance and consumer goods have engaged us for briefings on thorny and complex topics, including investor sentiment for sustainability, consumer trust in the food industry, engaging a CMO audience and others. These briefings have informed strategic dialogues within organisations at the board level, as well as external positionings with key stakeholders, including clients, the media, strategic partners or governments.

Thought leadership strategies

We’ve designed thought leadership and communications strategies for research organisations and professional services firms, enabling them to bring their fresh thinking to key audiences more effectively.

Research reports

Research and writing are our stock in trade. We’ve conducted global primary and secondary research programmes and written complex reports that synthesize data into meaningful findings. We also develop related media, particularly for online channels, including interactive graphics, data visualisations and conceptual videos.

Bringing content to life

We can help you get the most out of your content, whether in collaboration with key events (e.g. DLD, the World Economic Forum, the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society), in important print and online outlets (e.g., Harvard Business Review) or through social media campaigns.

Global event partnerships

We’ve worked with the programme teams of global event organisations to develop editorial content for participants. We’ve advised on session structure, moderated and participated on panels, produced narrative briefings and data visualisations, and video montages. We have also developed ways of capturing the essence of these events for participants and sponsors.